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Where creativity becomes a community for Minnesota Veterans

Providing no-cost creativity based support programs to Minnesota Veterans 

Please help support Minnesota Veterans and our creativity programs by donating to Combat To Creative.

Minnesota Veterans, Sign up here to join our Veteran community and attend our no cost events. 

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Veteran Crisis Line number 988.Life after service comes with its unique set of challenges, and resilience is key. Through creative outlets such as art, photography, and writing, we empower veterans to channel their strength and resilience in new and meaningful ways.  Combat To Creative equips veterans with tools to navigate these challenges through programs that are designed to inspire personal growth and offer coping mechanisms and strategies for overcoming obstacles.
  1. Help Minnesota Veterans practice mindfulness through scheduled events.

  2. Celebrate the diverse talents of our Veterans and harness the power of creativity.

  3. Promote and support physical and emotional well-being.

  4. Be an organization where creativity becomes a tool for healing, connection becomes a lifeline, resilience becomes a shared strength, and self-improvement becomes a lifelong pursuit.

Come out and show your support for Minnesota Veterans at our upcoming community events.

Our programs are designed to foster connection, instill resilience, and catalyze personal growth by providing a space where Minnesota Veterans can explore various forms of expression – from visual arts and writing to nature and photography.

Whether you're a veteran looking to explore your creative side, a supporter eager to contribute to the well-being of those who have served, or a community partner seeking collaboration, join us at Combat To Creative

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