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Welcome to Combat To Creative, where the journey from service to self-discovery takes center stage. Combat To Creative is an organization dedicated to supporting veterans through creativity. we believe in the transformative power of creativity to heal, connect, and inspire. Our organization is dedicated to supporting veterans on their journey to rediscover connection, cultivate resilience, and embark on a path of self-improvement. Through a unique blend of artistic expression, community connection, and personal development, we aim to empower veterans to not only cope with the challenges they face but to thrive in their post-service lives.

Different Perspectives Challenge: Engage in micro perspectives, alternate angles, capturing emotion, and nature’s canvas. All Equipment is provided.

Outdoor Participant Take Aways: Each participant of an outdoor photography workshop will receive a Thumb drive of their photos and 1 printed photo of their choice. Entry into annual photo contest.

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Creativity programs offer a range of techniques to assist veterans in improving physical and mental well-being. Veterans can utilize painting, drawing, coloring woodworking, crafting, creating or photography to express themselves artistically and explore psychological aspects within their experiences.

Veterans with PTSD, Depression or anxiety often incorporate specific themes and symbols in their creative sessions to express their experiences. Common themes include nature, religious symbols, cool colors, arc shapes, and feelings of isolation.

Additionally, creatives working with combat veterans often observe a wide variety of themes emerging in their artwork, such as symptom reduction/management, improving well-being, spirituality/existentialism, Connection and more. Creativity can be a powerful coping mechanism for individuals with physical and mental challenges.

Creativity serves as an adaptive coping strategy that fosters positive emotions, resilience, and a sense of empowerment in challenging times. The healing power of art and creative expression is recognized for its ability to evoke emotions and aid in the recovery process for individuals dealing with challenges.

Overall, incorporating creativity into coping strategies can play a significant role in managing physical and mental health and promoting whole health well-being.

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